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Seichim is the integration of many powerful ancient energy rituals used by the healers of many ancient powerful civilizations such as The Japanese Reiki, The Tibetan Lung, The Egyptian Power of Isis and the Sufi Empowerments to balance the human physical energy and help individuals wherever they exist on this earth to affirm their divinity.

Seichim is a healing system that activates the healing powers of the emotions and the subconscious.  It is an energy drawn from the limitless source of the universe. Seichim is a living light energy. Seichim energy is "transformational" in nature.  It is used to heal, as well as to help accelerate your personal development and help achieve your true potential.

Seichim assists in cutting through the blocks to one’s personal development, much as a hot knife cuts through butter. It helps us release thought forms that are deeply-held in the etheric body, which in turn create symptoms of disease and restrict the flow of energy in the physical body. The energy blocks are dissolved with ease causing perceptions to be refined to form a balanced Passion, Logic and Love.

These are some of the areas where Seichim can help:

         Deep relaxation

         Stress reduction

         Clearing of addictive patterns

         Emotional stability and greater self-esteem



         Increased energy and vitality

         Improved relationships 

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