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~~~ Reiki Practioner Classes ~~~

Traditional Reiki I


This class is the first step in Reiki Healing Mastery. Begin your journey with a basic understanding of Reiki, Energy and beginning steps for taking care of yourself.


In this course you will learn the basic connections between the physical and the non-physical worlds. You will understand the basic connections between life and living, and the power that Reiki plays in securing this vital connection.

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Traditional Reiki II


This class is the second step in Reiki Healing Mastery. A prerequisite to this class is that all participating students must be certified in Reiki Level I.


The class is a combination of a lecture, discussion and hands on training. You will learn the Reiki Hand Positions for full and brief treatment sessions and Reiki symbols pertaining to this degree.  There will also be a basic hands-on workshop where full treatment session and distant healing are practiced.


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Traditional Reiki Master:


This class is the beginning of mastering the power of Reiki, and the foundation of Self Mastery.


The class is a combination of a lecture, discussion and hands on training. You will learn the powerful Reiki Master Symbols pertaining to this degree that will enhance your healing power as you perform your Reiki hand positions. You will also learn powerful Energy Guided tools that will help you in initiating healing of many ailments, as well as being introduced to the original healing manual created by Mikao Usui himself.




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Seichim Class



Seichim is the integration of many powerful ancient energy rituals used by the healers of many ancient powerful civilizations such as The Japanese Reiki, The Tibetan Lung, The Egyptian Power of Isis and the Sufi Empowerments to balance the human physical energy and help individuals wherever they exist on this earth to affirm their divinity.

Seichim is a healing system that activates the healing powers of the emotions and the subconscious.  It is an energy drawn from the limitless source of the universe. Seichim is a living light energy. Seichim energy is "transformational" in nature.  It is used to heal, as well as to help accelerate your personal development and help achieve your true potential.

Seichim assists in cutting through the blocks to one’s personal development, much as a hot knife cuts through butter. It helps us release thought forms that are deeply-held in the etheric body, which in turn create symptoms of disease and restrict the flow of energy in the physical body. The energy blocks are dissolved with ease causing perceptions to be refined to form a balanced Passion, Logic and Love.

These are some of the areas where Seichim can help:

         Deep relaxation

         Stress reduction

         Clearing of addictive patterns

         Emotional stability and greater self-esteem



         Increased energy and vitality

         Improved relationships 


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~ Hypnosis Certification Training Courses ~


Become a certified hypnotherapist through a series of well defined classes starting with Basic techniques to Advanced techniques to Mastering the art of hypnotherapy.



Basic Hypnosis Training Certification Class


This course is designed to provide you with basic knowledge of Hypnosis to gain basic tools and means to help yourself and others to program the subconscious, and unlock the dormant “genie” of the mind’s powers to reach goals and make permanent positive changes in beliefs, attitude and addictions in daily living. You will learn Powerful inductions, deep relaxation, simple weight management, smoking cessation, enhance self confidence, public speaking, Charisma and much more.  


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Advanced Hypnosis Training Certification Class


This course is designed to provide certified hypnotists / hypnotherapists with advanced powerful hypnosis tools such as basic Parts Therapy, basic NLP techniques and other means and techniques to understand the powerful tools of the mind, to tackle more complicated issues such as traumas, addiction, illness, pain management , complicated weight managemet, past life regression, combined with effective administrative techniques to start you own business.


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Master Hypnosis Training Certification Class


This course is designed to provide advanced Hypnotists, hypnotherapist with further advanced powerful hypnosis Parts Therapy, NLP techniques, Anodine, EFT, basic Hypno-synergy techniques to magnify your potential of success in your career as a hypnotherapist.


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~ Self-Discovery Class Series ~ 


The Self-Discovery Series classes at the Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center is a powerful series of knowledge and practice, leading your steps to understand and achieve what matters in living. This Series of classes will enlighten your way, and guide you to complete the propose of your life. It will open your eyes and awaken your insight to dormant realities that will help you recreate your conscious living with divine feelings ready to spring out.

The Self Discovery Series classes are divided into three stages of classes. Each stage is a course of twelve classes. Each class is two hours meeting twice a week.  The attendees of the class will meet at an orientation night and will determine the time of the class and the days, nights or weekends the class will be held.

Important note: Class courses must be taken is series order. You cannot join an advanced class before attending the previous classes.

First Class: Self-Awareness, where you will discover the different components that form your Being and the power that bond these components together.

Second Class: Self-Expression, where you will discover the force of life, and the energy of creation that brings your expression into total balance.

Third Class: Self-Empowerment, where you will master your earthly existence by regaining your power, creating a new design and overcoming your limitations.




Special Children Meditation

A gentle beautiful meditation that take children into the realm of imagination and self recognition through a mild effective relaxation.

Date: To Be announced


On Going Events


Meditation Night: 

Come and enjoy a relaxing night of guided meditation and contemplation.

Every Second Thursday Evening of the month

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Fee: $10.00                                                             


Reiki Share: 

Enjoy the experience of the healing touch of Reiki either by giving or receiving. Open to the public.

Every 4th Thursday of the Month

Time: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

No Fee: Free for all         





Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Law of Attraction in its simplest form



Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your problems with no way out?

.... ever blamed a person or the world for your failure or unhappiness?


You owe it to yourself to join us and begin to understand the secret of the Law of Attraction in its simplest form. Why it works sometimes and why many times it fails. Suhail Jarroush, PhD will explain Energy, Frequency and Vibration and their effects on your feelings and well being.


The energy of your thoughts vibration and frequency create your happiness and peace.


Date: Thursday March 30th, 2017

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm

Fee: $25.00

***Registration required by Tuesday, March 28th, 2017



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