Self Awareness Class

$995.00 each

Living our conscious life is the greatest gift we are given as souls seeking the realm of the spirit. Though on a level or another we know that fact, we struggle in living our daily lives with much uncertainties, fears, worries, doubts and obligations leading us to confusion, depression, anxiety, loneliness, apathy and diminished self-worth. We start accepting situations in life, though self destructing, as the way it is and the way it was destined for us. We lose the basic connection to our inner power and indulge into a life of living the status quo, afraid to rock the boat, aspiring an illusion of a physical security just to fulfill  the illusion of our needs and wants even if it is to our demise. We become like the cat that licks an iron file, destroying its own tongue, just for the sake of tasting blood. 

Through out this class we will dispel many illusions. We will learn how to reclaim our powers. We will become aware of the different bodies that make us humans. We will learn the great parts of manifestation which is the body, the mind and the soul and the awareness of each of these parts. Finally we will learn all the necessary tools to deprogram our data banks, and install new programs by which we can create our realities in this life the way we choose to. Then last, but not least, we will learn how to find the grandest part of ourselves regardless of what the experience might be.. 

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