NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training and Certification Course.

$1,395.00 each

Neuro-linguistic Programming can change your life; this has been proven by seeing individuals use NLP to make their dreams a reality.  This is a fantastic course if you are that entrepreneur who wants to increase sales, teacher who wants to teach his/her student in a motivating way that grasps his/her students and another example of professionals who use NLP is psychologists, who use NLP to help their clients in less than six sessions, police detectives use it to gain rapport with a suspect and to know when   one is lying. These are only a few professionals that use NLP; the list is endless where NLP can help a professional increase sales, rapport, and results.  In short, NLP has allowed individuals to become more successful in everything they do.
This course includes the following topics:  what is NLP technology? What is the unconscious mind, the DNA of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs? What is Presuppositions or Principles, Representational systems, Predicates, Submodalities, Association and Dissociation, Setting and Collapsing Anchors, Meta-models, Milton Model, Sensory Acuity, Metaphors, and Reframing.  In addition to the basics,  you will learn the Representational Systems, Building and Maintaining Rapport, How to Master Your Mind, How to Achieve What You Really Want, How to Anchor Yourself to Success, How to Gain New understandings About A Person or Situation, The Power of Precision, The Science of Being Artfully Vague, Chunking and Therapeutic Metaphors, and Strategy Elicitation and Installation.

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