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The American Academy of Hypnotherapy offers hypnosis courses and certifications in:

  • Basic Hypnosis
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Acu-Hypno

Hypnotherapy is the career of the future. The hypnotherapy field is booming!
It is expected to double and triple in the next few years!
Hypnotherapy is a profession in itself, but many doctors, nurses, massage therapists and mental health professionals are also becoming certified in the use of hypnotherapy and use it regularly as an effective adjunct to their primary professions.
A qualified hypnotherapist can earn $125 to $250.00 an hour! Full time professionals can earn $75,000 or more a year. Practitioners working part time with just a few clients easily earn $350-$500 a week.
Hypnotherapy is easy to learn, rewarding and lucrative to practice, and currently has few restrictions. Now is the time to get in, before it becomes more regulated. Find out for yourself the joy, excitement, and freedom this field has to offer.

What Is Hypnosis
People have been using hypnosis to promote healing since ancient times. However, in the past 50 years, hypnosis has experienced resurgence among physicians, psychologists, law enforcement and mental health professionals.
Hypnosis produces an induced state of deep relaxation in which your mind stays narrowly focused and open to suggestion. During hypnosis, you can receive suggestions designed to decrease your perception of pain and increase your ability to cope with it. It also can help you stop habits such as smoking. No one knows exactly how hypnosis works, but experts believe it alters your brain wave patterns in much the same way as other relaxation techniques.
The success of hypnosis depends on the expertise of the practitioner, your understanding of the procedure and your willingness to try hypnosis. You need to be strongly motivated to change. The vast majority of people can be hypnotized. The smarter you are the easier hypnosis becomes. Only the severely mentally retarded will have a difficult time being hypnotized by a trained professional. People who don't want to feel out of control often have a more difficult time being hypnotized. Some people eventually develop the skills to hypnotize themselves. Unlike situations portrayed in movies and on TV, you cannot be forced under hypnosis to do something you normally would not want to do out of hypnosis.
Psychiatrists and psychologists practice hypnosis. There are also professional hypnotists, but beware, check to see if they are properly certified before using them.
A 1995 consensus statement from the National Institutes of Health cited strong evidence that hypnosis can reduce chronic pain associated with cancer and other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and tension headaches.

What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis and its uses in the practice of hypnotherapy is rapidly emerging as a highly effective science in solving the problems of many people. It can be very beneficial in many cases as a therapy in itself as well as adjunct in psychotherapy and psychiatry.
Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis to correct or elevate problems, such as: Fear, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, even insulin production or blood pressure. Anything you can do as a human you can do better with the use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy.
Many hospitals and healing centers are utilizing the power of hypnotherapy in treating many illnesses and physical and emotional pains with hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy can also be used for simpler problems such as smoking, nail biting, pre-test nerves, slimming, relaxation, confidence boosting etc, and which require only two to four sessions of hypnosis or hypnotherapy with perhaps a booster later on.

No Experience Needed… and no Prerequisites
Anyone with a desire to succeed and excel can enroll. All you need is a positive attitude, a willingness to succeed and a test score of 75% or higher to become certified.
We are affiliated with the oldest hypnosis organization in the world, The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists, founded in 1950, giving you a proven foundation for your learning.
American Academy of Hypnotherapy Courses

Basic Hypnosis Training and Certification Course
BHC101Course: Basic hypnosis: $1195.00       Register             

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This hypnosis course is a total 55 hours of attending class and many practice sessions.  This course is designed to provide you with basic knowledge of Hypnosis to gain basic tools and means to help yourself and others to program the subconscious, and unlock the dormant “genie” of the mind’s powers to reach goals and make permanent positive changes in beliefs, attitude and addictions in daily living. You will learn Powerful inductions, deep relaxation, simple weight management, smoking cessation, enhance self confidence, public speaking, Charisma and much more. When the course is completed, there is a 50-question exam that needs to be completed and returned to The American Academy of Hypnotherapy. A minimum score of 75% is required in order to pass. Once you have completed and passed your assignments you will receive a certificate, which will certify you as a Hypnotist. You will then possess the necessary skills needed to perform hypnosis. Included with the course are scripts to induce hypnosis used by leading hypnotists and hypnotherapists. This course includes a complete actual consultation and session. When this course is completed you can use the designation "BH." after your name.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training and certification Course
AHC202Course: Advanced Hypnosis: $1395.00    Register 

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This is a 100-hour course. This course is designed to provide certified hypnotists / hypnotherapists with advanced powerful hypnosis tools such as basic Parts Therapy, basic NLP techniques and other means and techniques to understand the powerful tools of the mind, to tackle more complicated issues such as traumas, addiction, illness, pain management, complicated weight management, past life regression, combined with effective administrative techniques to start your own business. Once the course is completed there is a 50-question test that must be passed by a minimum score of 75% to be certified as a Hypnotherapist. Included with the course is a series of "how-to" information on starting and operating a successful hypnotherapy practice. When you have completed and passed the course you can also use the letter designation "" after your name.

Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Course
MCHC303: Master Hypnosis: $1495.00   Register  

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This is a 55-hour course. This course provides state-of-the-art information and tools on the use of hypnotherapy and explains its many scientific approaches. It is designed to provide advanced hypnotherapist with further powerful hypnosis tools such as Advance Time and Negotiation Parts Therapy, NLP techniques, Clinical Anodyne Imagery, EFT, Basic Hypno-synergy techniques to magnify your potential of success in your career as a hypnotherapist. Once completed there is a 50-question test that must be passed with a minimum score of 75%. Upon successful completion of the test you will be certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and can use the letter designation "" after your name.

NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training and Certification Course.
NLPC404: Neuro-Linguistic Programming: $1395.00   Register  

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Neuro-linguistic Programming can change your life; this has been proven by seeing individuals use NLP to make their dreams a reality.  This is a fantastic course if you are that entrepreneur who wants to increase sales, teacher who wants to teach his/her student in a motivating way that grasps his/her students and another example of professionals who use NLP is psychologists, who use NLP to help their clients in less than six sessions, police detectives use it to gain rapport with a suspect and to know when   one is lying. These are only a few professionals that use NLP; the list is endless where NLP can help a professional increase sales, rapport, and results.  In short, NLP has allowed individuals to become more successful in everything they do.
This course includes the following topics:  what is NLP technology? What is the unconscious mind, the DNA of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs? What is Presuppositions or Principles, Representational systems, Predicates, Submodalities, Association and Dissociation, Setting and Collapsing Anchors, Meta-models, Milton Model, Sensory Acuity, Metaphors, and Reframing.  In addition to the basics,  you will learn the Representational Systems, Building and Maintaining Rapport, How to Master Your Mind, How to Achieve What You Really Want, How to Anchor Yourself to Success, How to Gain New understandings About A Person or Situation, The Power of Precision, The Science of Being Artfully Vague, Chunking and Therapeutic Metaphors, and Strategy Elicitation and Installation.

Acu-Hypno Certification Course  $399.00    Register  

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This course combines hypnosis with pressure on certain points of the meridians to produce Pain and stress release, healing and total relaxation. You will learn the art of introducing simple relaxation techniques and applying pressure to certain points on the body, similar to acupuncture. This is very effective easy and powerful technique to produce great healing results. A basic hypnosis education is required.

How Do I get started?
It is Easy, Just fill out the application form and click send, or send it in by mail, e-mail, or fax. Or call us at 973-686-9100

What will I receive as a student of the American Academy of Hypnotherapy?
Our Students enjoy a no-nonsense approach to education and will receive:

  • A solid basis of learning and training
  • FREE support and ongoing updates
  • FREE access to a Ph.D., a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy 365 days a year
  • Tremendous income potential
  • Increased self-esteem, respect from others
  • Enhanced lifestyle & dignity
  • Heightened ability in any field in which you may be engaged
  • The prestige that comes with board certification


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