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 Our Reiki Center:

The Reiki Center of America an (Aquarian Sun school) is a unique Reiki School and a Spiritual Healing Center. It is fully dedicated to fuel the Reiki Fire in every heart, and wholly devoted to guide every willing soul, that is seeking to travel on its path to Self-Mastery, with the understanding of life's purpose and meaning.

Our Purpose is two-fold:

First, We aim to teach our students the meaning of life, and the Tao or the Way of becoming One with Reiki. We aspire to provide you with essential information, guidance and tools that will help you remove the veils of doubt and break the shackles of fear, worry, guilt and anger. We seek to remove your earthly debris to let your gem sparkle with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beauty. We look forward to guide you on your path to self-mastery as you discover your forgotten strength to create your grandest dreams. We will accomplish this task in one-on-one sessions, or through regular group classes.

Second, to provide all interested individuals, regardless of their age, with soothing, relaxing, empowering and detoxing Reiki treatments to assist the healing of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Dis-eases. 

Our Reiki Classes:

 sun  reiki symbol 05.jpg - 76.19 Kb Reiki Practitioner Class (Click here to Register)

sunrise 02 Self-Empowerment Class (Click here to Register) 

steven grace Self-Awareness Class (Click here to Register)

open-book 04 Advance Self-Expression Class (Click here to Register)

Our Staff


   Dr. Suhail S. Jarroush,IRSMT,

Guardian, Advance Courses Instructor


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  Ms. Suzanne Bini, RSMT,

Program Director, Instructor


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                               RMT Graduate Students, Instructors


Join our classes today and discover your hidden powers.

Become one with Reiki, and create your life the

way you choose it to be.


 If you have any questions please Ask Dr. Jarroush click here.

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