Advanced Self-Expression Class

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This advanced self-Expression class is opened only to those who have finished the preceding Self-Awareness class.


In this Adavanced Self-Expression class you will learn the basics of creation, and the power to express your creation in whatever manner that leads to your total peace. You will learn the five steps of expression:


  1. Accept the power within us as a representation of the whole.
  2. Understand the different components that form our existing self, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.
  3. Balance and align the body, mind, heart and soul.
  4. Reprogram our past emotions, and develop new thoughts and feelings which lead to desired actions and manifestations.  
  5. Create and Express whatever your hearts choose.


Self-Awareness is the first step in the creation process. As we grow in self-awareness, we will better understand why we feel what we feel and why we behave as we behave. That understanding then gives us the opportunity and freedom to change those things we would like to change about ourselves and create the life we desire. Without fully knowing whom we are, self-acceptance and change become impossible.


In order to understand how we define and create who we are, how we become what we choose to be and how we can change, we have to be constantly aware of the basic capabilities we possess as humans. We must consciously become aware of the power of creation we possess. We must acknowledge that whatever happens to us from birth to death is of our creation. We choose when and how to be born, and we choose when and how to die and all the drama of life we create in between. We create our happiness as we create our misery. We create our fears and create our courage. We create our doubts and we create our certainties. We create our realities and we create our illusions. It does not matter what we create, the fact is we create, and this is our birthright as human Beings.


As we create ourselves from the moment of conception until the time of death, we rely on a divine formula for creation created by the divine soul, and transferred to us via the mind, to assist us in creating and experiencing our choices in our conscious living. This formula of life is the “Law of Creation”.


Our Thoughts createour Feelings

Our Feelings create our Actions

Our Actions create our Manifestations.


We think, we feel, we act and we manifest or we create. But creations comes in many flavors; with all the majesty of this power to elevate us through the chain of creation as perfect representation of God to create our peace, it can also spiral us into the bottom pit of our misery, where our demons reside to create our internal strife. This is in essence the cause of our addictions, fears and total confusion. It does not make sense to us to think that we create anything but our happiness. When we are happy we are proud of creating our happiness, when we are miserable we deny the fact that we created our misery, it is always someone else, some circumstance, or the biggest fallacy of all our excuses “It is the will of God”. Therefore, we become stuck into a loop between what we wish we could create and what others have created for us. We think, we feel, we act and react, but regardless of how hard we try, we still cannot manifest or create what we want and need in life because someone else, other than us, hold the key to fulfill our needs.


In this ongoing confusion between reality and illusion, we tend to ignore and oftentimes we forget that we are more than the body our mirrors reflect. We forget that the mortal body is only a tool used by our thoughts, feelings and actions to manifest what we love and what we hate in life; and when the body’s job is accomplished, we discard this mortal body as any non-useful tool that we discard. Regardless of how real it might appear, and how long we live on this earth occupying a certain space in the illusion of time, we forget that we are not of this earth; we are only explorers for a short time. No matter how much our earthly qualities of salt and minerals tend to trick us into believing that earth is where we came from and the place we are going to, it is a mere mirage to keep us on this mission to explore ourselves and create our choices. It is only the earthly tool, that we borrowed from the earth, which we call our physical body and give it a name (such as Suhail), that stays on this earth. However, we, the immortal power (the human soul), that has no name, that used that physical earthly tool, never parishes with the tool. It only travels along back to its source (divine soul, God) carrying with it all the accumulated data of its different creations in different aspects of its experiences on the earthly plain.


Our actions (creating new solutions for the same problem) are readily accessible to us as new ways of creating different new realities, or outcomes, for the same experience or pattern we are stuck in, reside in our super conscious (The bag of solutions we are presented with the moment we take on the journey of being human beings).


Our main purpose of being born to this earth is to create and recreate our realities in every moment of our existence. We should not allow ourselves to be stuck in the same patterns of our life. We are born to create new solutions to the same problems we are stuck in, and to express these solutions in whatever means we choose to reach the greatest vision of what we can see ourselves to be.

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