Beginners Self-Discovery Class


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Self-Discovery simply means to discover the power you posses to embark on a journey of self awareness and Self expression; and discover essential tools you should use as you prepare yourselves on this journey of self Search.




Self-Discovery is the knowledge of who you are, what make you tick, what creates your worries and anger and what creates your happiness and peace; what makes you cry and what makes you laugh; what creates your patterns and what affects your decision; what invokes your courage and what makes you wallow in fear.




Regardless of where you are in our understanding of life and your personal development, it is of utmost importance that you acquire complete knowledge of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our existence and the powers that make all these components align, balance and function. Without this conscious knowledge, we will fall short of creating the Being we choose to be.




In this class, and in addition to the basic rules of self-awareness, you will learn vital tools to shield yourself from the influx of energy invading you from external influences such as work, family, friends and others. You will also learn and powerful grounding techniques to dispose of your own emotional energy that eats in you daily.  




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