Self-Awareness Class

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This self-awareness class is a unique, powerful, life changing class. It is designed to help you understand and overcome the reasons of your fears, patterns, anxieties, addictions, worries, guilt and self destruction.  During the time you spend with us, you will learn how to reclaim your powers to prevail over your problems, as you will also learn powerful tools to help you change any situation you are stuck in.  



We live our lives blaming others, luck and strange situations for our sadness, anger, stress, anxiety and misfortunes; while in fact we have none to blame but ourselves for allowing others, luck and situations to cause all our stress and anxiety. We are well trained by our parents, schools, society to cope with our problems; but in this class, you will learn how to find new solutions that will change the effect of your problems on your daily life, and change your feelings to those of courage, peace, happiness and self esteem.



In this class you will learn how to master powerful tools such as - Mind Focusing, Reiki, Meditation, Breathing for life, Energy balancing, Sound and Light Healing and other tools - to help you create your greatest visions of how you would like yourself to be.







Come join us today, you owe to yourself to find


 your power, peace and happiness.  


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