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Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center welcomes you to come and learn how to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; how to promote personal growth and discover your life's purpose. We will guide you to comprehend the cycle of birth, life and death and to appreciate the subtle meanings of your good and bad experiences.


Learn how to get rid of your anxieties and fears and to start living your life, as it is meant to be, with happiness, peace and joy.


Dr. Suhail Jarroush, Ph.D., IRMT, and Suzanne Bini, Reiki Master/Teacher, with over thirty years experience in healing, spiritual counseling, and teaching, will gently guide you to:


  • Understand your life's meaning and purpose
  • Free yourself from anger, fear, and hopelessness
  • Listen to your inner guidance and act upon it with confidence
  • Manage stressful situations at home and at work
  • Eliminate negative habits
  • Calm yourself before going into stressful situations
  • Break stubborn patterns that are blocking your full potential for happiness and success


Come see us; you owe it to yourself to rediscover the beauty within.

  We offer both private and group counseling and healing sessions.  


For an appointment,  please call 973-686-9100


If you have any questions please Ask Dr. Jarroush click here.

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